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The formula

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner self

Growth starts with levelling up the way you think! The way you think is the operating system to your life. Your beliefs, mindset, values and character must align with who you want to become.

Video Mentorship

The reason most self help books, information and courses aren’t useful for most people is because it’s not taught in a structured, digestible order that builds upon itself.  Once you master one area, you can then move onto the next.


Levelling up...

Growth in all areas of life start with having the right perspective, mindset and outlook on life. To get all of the things you want, you need to re-condition your mindset to already be where you want to be!

Why everyone needs a mentor.

Mentors connect the dots between where you are and
want to be.

I have helped thousands of people level up their life simply by teaching them how to think differently. You are going to learn the tools, skills and mindset to level up your life– best of all you are going to learn how to APPLY it to your life.


LEVELTHEFUP is a video mentorship website by Amer Kamra. Amer teaches principles of success, how to condition your thinking to become a person of confidence and success in all facets of your life including work, fitness, relationships and personal growth.

Frequently uploaded videos which are exclusive to LEVELTHEFUP. You will learn how to address weak links in your thinking so that you are able to level up your life in ways you never realized possible.

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